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Focused Solutions We Offer

Leverage all available resources through asset management and market optimization

Professional Services

Producing and executing a long-term energy strategy in an ever-changing climate requires wide ranging experience and knowledge of local markets. At Vector Energy Systems, we bring that knowledge and experience to every customer transaction. Through our engineering services and site review, our asset assessment program, or our proprietary energy-use software and analysis we’ll develop a strategy that gives you a competitive edge.

Engineering Services

  • Site inspection
  • Spec review and analysis
  • Air quality permitting & EPA indemnification
  • RICE NESHAP Compliance

Benefits to Using Our Energy Management Software

  • Analysis of your energy use and spend-you can’t manage what you don’t measure
  • Automatic response to market fluctuations
  • Access to real-time meter data providing you the information to accurately manage your consumption
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Having the ability to connect to, data mine, monitor, & control generation assets will positively affect your operations and your energy future

Asset Assessment

  • Status and disposition of existing equipment
  • Maintenance programs
  • Fuel polishing
  • Recommendations on path forward
  • Distributed Energy Resource (DER) integration
  • Evaluate for retrofit eligibility for use in revenue markets

Energy Procurement

Take a proactive approach and make a strategic shift in how your energy is bought. Vector Energy Systems can optimize your energy procurement strategies for Natural Gas and Electricity by offering you rates from the nation’s leading suppliers. By analyzing the fluctuating market trends and your unique energy use profile, we can identify the optimum purchase opportunities, saving you precious capital that can be invested elsewhere in your business.

The below form provides a brief explanation of the initial process, along with the no obligation letter of authorization. In order for us to review your current rates, and provide you with the most affordable rates available, please sign the letter of authorization and provide us with a copy of your bill. Once completed this can be emailed to us directly at info@vectorenergysystems.com.

Process & Letter of Authorization

Understanding your organization’s energy usage and operating characteristics through in-depth analysis allows Vector Energy Systems to uncover trends and opportunities to improve operational practices. These best practices may qualify you for a better rate structure through reduce peak or demand charges.

Equipment Procurement

Vector Energy Systems brings an agnostic approach to the equipment solutions we recommend and gives our clients access to our significant purchasing power. Having direct access to multiple manufacturers is a significant advantage over the typical equipment dealer or distributor. This flexibility allows us to choose the right product for your application and ensures we provide cost effective solutions for you to choose from.

From generation to switching, distribution to controls, Vector Energy Systems has the experience to deliver a complete turn-key system designed around your organizational needs, goals, and budget. Whether you are considering a traditional platform or looking for a renewable resource, we can tailor-make a system that meets all your needs. We even have options for equipment with little or no capital expenditure.

Equipment We Support

  • Diesel or Natural Gas fueled reciprocating engine generators or turbines
  • Gas generators fueled by bio-gas, landfill gas, or syn-gas
  • Combined Heat & Power
  • Wind & Solar generation
  • UPS &Energy Storage

Demand Response

Vector Energy Systems specializes in leveraging connected assets for improved operations, energy management, and revenue generation. Why let a capital piece of equipment sit idle when options are available to put it to work? Your voluntary participation in a DR program enhances grid reliability for everyone and is both a fiscally and environmentally responsible way to respond to occasional and temporary peak demand periods. Support the transition to a more sustainable energy future and be paid for the efforts.

How It Works

Every DR program we deliver is designed to the unique needs of our customers, but the following is a basic summary of our approach:

  1. Understand Your Use– We install a meter or device upgrade to track electricity use in real-time. This gives us enhanced metering data, while allowing you to view your interval demands and kWh usage for improved energy management.
  2. Improved Energy Strategy – Your energy consumption patterns and daily business operations become more transparent, allowing us to more accurately develop a reduction strategy – one that is based on current, real-world data.
  3. Direct Communication – In the event of a DR dispatch, the grid operator or utility will alert us of the need for emergency demand response action. Your designated contact will be notified to implement the previously agreed upon action or strategy. You have the option to automate this step.
  4. Measurement – Your performance is determined by your reduction of electric demand from a previously calculated baseline.
  5. Payment–In addition to the annual fee, based on total kW reduction, you may be eligible to receive payment for fuel use and run time.